Its time to See your warehouse run! with CQuential Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) new partnership with ERP Experts. By unifying the ERP & WMS solutions we provide:

CQuential WMS is a sophisticated Web-based Warehouse Management System that streamlines all processes within the warehouse & ensures a structured workflow is followed from the time the stock arrives at the warehouse, is put away, picked, packed and dispatched to the customer.

Today’s warehouses are not what they used to be. New technology such as Cloud computing, Smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi connections, big data has changed the way manufacturers and distributors manage their warehouses and distribution centers.

ERP and WMS integration is crucial to achieving the agility you need to become more competitive in your industry and increase business process efficiency.

The benefits of ERP – WMS integration are endless, In this article, we will explore how integration between your company’s ERP system and warehouse management tools can improve your chances for success.

ERP – WMS Integration Improves Data Accuracy
When you integrate your ERP and WMS solutions, concern about data accuracy suddenly becomes a thing of the past. Once you input information into one system, the other is automatically updated, eliminating the main source of data errors (reentry). The integration of these two systems allows you to stay on top of put away, good receipts, picking, replenishment, ordering, vendor returns, and reporting.

ERP – WMS Integration Helps Warehouse Managers Track Employee Progress
Warehouse management systems are designed to make inventory control easier, reduce costs, and improve order fulfillment times. Your warehouse managers can track employee productivity on a daily basis. Managers can be alerted in real-time once an employee has completed a task so they can set up the next step in the supply chain. This instant communication helps businesses stay productive and complete projects on-time.

ERP – WMS Integration Improves the Decision-Making Process
The warehouse is not a stand-alone business, and it should not be treated as such. If your WMS and ERP systems are maintained separately, you can’t easily access the information you need to make business-critical decisions. If your office team does not have access to information in your warehouse management system, they cannot effectively make decisions on an order status. This is why integration is so important; it creates a seamless connection between the two systems so no one in your company is out of the loop.

If you need help integrating your ERP with CQuential WMS or whether you’re looking to expand the size, scope and ability of your warehouse, give our experts a call on 011 712 1300; email or visit our website

Source: ERP Experts

By Shaun O’Brien, CEO of CQuential

The world has been severely impacted by COVID-19 and foreseeably changed the way we will do business forever. The worldwide lockdowns have essentially brought the global economy to a standstill forcing businesses to work out how they will survive and operate post-lockdown.

Supply chains are under tremendous pressure to deliver essential services and key medical supplies, in order to ensure that the market gets the right product needed during these difficult times. This has resulted in businesses needing to review their business models and structure themselves in a way that will safeguard their survival within the new economy.

Key points of reference for building a resilient supply chain can be broken down into:

For supply chains to continue to operate and remain competitive, these points have transformed from being good ideas/nice to haves – to essential. If businesses do not transform and make key decisions around these innovations within their supply chain, their survival will be questionable and their ability to compete in the new economy will be compromised.

Warehousing is one of the key nodes within a supply chain operating across the globe. The warehouse ensures inventory is available for when the customer demands a product. Companies build / design warehouses not only based on today’s requirement, but take into consideration the future growth of the business and what will be required within the next 5 years’ to remain competitive. The reality is that very few businesses have built a warehouse to deal with a serious pandemic like COVID-19 in mind, resulting in the lack of ability to handle the needs of business due to the pressures from the pandemic.

In spite of best efforts, in the short term it’s not easy to change a warehouse configuration to cater for the changes in the business requirements. The only option businesses have today, is to make better use of their current warehousing capacity and become more efficient to deal with the pandemic. To add to the complexity, the new regulations around COVID-19 regarding social distancing and safe environment, increases the business challenges in the future.

A good place to start in terms of assessing your current warehouse capabilities, would be to ask what tools are currently in place to enable the warehouse to perform optimally?

Key objectives would be:

A WMS (Warehouse Management System) is one of many tools that can assist in terms of achieving these objectives.

CQuential Solutions forms part of the Argility Technology Group and is well positioned to assist with achieving the above objectives. Our tools have been implemented across many different verticals and size of warehouse. The CQuential team is made up of supply chain professionals and a strong development team to help you to transform your warehouse.

We believe that the supply chain is dynamic and ever changing, requiring in depth knowledge of your business to add value. We work closely with our customers to build and validate our roadmap to ensure our customers’ warehouses remain relevant and up to date with the latest technology to maintain a world class operation.

For more information contact CQuential on 011 712 1300; email or visit our website

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