We draw on our decades of experience in warehousing to offer a turn-key solution and give your business peace of mind. Our team is South African based and understands what is required to successfully implement a warehouse management system in the African, and International markets.
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The warehouse management system implementation team, understands warehouse management and warehousing processes. We follow a structured approach to configure the warehouse management system to your unique business needs.
Typical project lifecycle to ensure successful WMS implementation:
  • Requirements and scoping
    • Our domain experts will ensure that your operational processes and business rules are well understood and the scope clearly defined.
  • Deployment
    • Our software deployment is flexible and can be provisioned in the cloud or on-premise. We will provision and configure CQuential for your organisation.
  • Integration and Automation
    • Our team will ensure that the integration between the warehouse management software and financial system is mapped correctly. Discover how
  • User acceptance testing
    • Our team will ensure that the warehouse management software is thoroughly tested and signed before the go live.
  • Training
    • Our team will ensure that all operators as per the job function are trained on the warehouse management software to ensure they follow the process.
  • Go live
    • Our team will be on site during the go live phase to provide guidance and support to minimise business interruptions.


The warehouse management system support team is here to assist you. With the option of a 24/7 support desk there is no reason for any downtime due to system availability.


The warehouse management system implementation requires a strong project team to deliver the project successfully.

The project teams have experience with delivering complex warehouse management projects across many different industries and sizes of warehouse. The team will ensure you get the project delivered on time and within budget.


Our consultants are able to deliver value throughout your supply chain based on our years of experience and working in many different industries and warehouses.

We partner with our customers to drive continuous value throughout the supply chain. Warehousing is our game and we will take you to the next level with our talented team.
Typical project lifecycle to ensure successful WMS implementation
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Warehouse operations review
  • Business process reengineering
  • Decision support
  • Define supply chain KPIs
  • Unlock savings against current costs


The warehouse management system has been built for the cloud. Let us host the warehouse management system in our state of the art hosting facility. Let our support team monitor and reduce any risk of downtime while you focus on your core business.


  • Server requirements are automatically scaled according to utilisation
  • Hosted environment is continually monitored and maintained to ensure continuous service
  • Allows our customers to focus on their core business


Do I need to take on all the warehouse management software features?

No. Only activate features that are required and will improve the warehouse operational processes.

Am I limited to only certain brands of Hardware?

No. We support any enterprise mobility equipment.

Do I need to integrate the warehouse management system into an ERP?

No. The warehouse management software can function as a standalone system.

Is the warehouse management software configurable?

Yes. Only use selected features that are required based on your warehouse requirement.

Do I need internet connection to operate the warehouse management software?

Yes. The warehouse management software is cloud based and needs to be connected to the internet at all times.

Do I need separate label printing software
to print labels within the warehouse?

No. The operators can print labels directly from
the warehouse management software.

Is it possible to host the warehouse management software on site?

Yes. The warehouse management software can be hosted on site.

Is there a warehouse management system roadmap?

Yes. We continuously look at new ways of improving the warehouse management system in partnership with our customers and suppliers.
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