CQuential’s warehouse management software covers all the processes within the warehouse including receiving, storing, stock takes, planning, picking, checking and dispatch.
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  • receiving


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    You can short receipt, redeliver, confirm batches, label pallets, record damages, product sampling, and so much more with our receiving module.
  • store


    CQuential determines the best store location for stock that has been received based on a number of different business rules. Products will be stored based on category, volume, weight and customer demand.
  • maintain


    Our warehouse management software improves:
    Location management:
    Role-based activity management and authorisation
    Multiple areas - racking, bulk, freezer, high value, etc.
    Stock management:
    Batch status and expiry date tracking
    Multiple pack types with associated barcodes
    Role-based activity management and authorisation
    Stock movements and replenishments
    Stock write off and adjustments
  • plan


    CQuential allows you to plan your outbound workload based on specific customer requirements.
    The warehouse management software allows for different picking methodologies, like pick by order, pick by shipment, pick in reverse, drop sequence, zone picking, first in first out, first expiry first out and many more.
  • picking


    The warehouse management software ensures the picker travels the shortest route and picks in a logical sequence.
    The warehouse management software allows for picking zig zag, snake and many more. The warehouse management software allows for exceptions to ensure stock is always accurate.
    CQuential allows for blind picking to reduce theft and pilferage. The warehouse management software will monitor workload and prioritise tasks based on priority and urgency via a WIP dashboard.
  • checking


    Our WMS ensures that all orders are checked before leaving the warehouse.
    This will ensure customers get their full order first time, every time.
    The warehouse management software caters for a number of different checking methodologies to meet your requirement. You can check by order, by shipment, by batch, by product and many more.
  • despatch


    The warehouse management software ensures that the correct stock is loaded onto the correct vehicle. Visibility of an order and status of the despatched order while boxes are loaded onto the vehicle.
  • project-management


    CQuential gives you the ability to customise reports that are easy to interpret and view. Reports can be distributed automatically by email to ensure everyone is updated in real time with business critical information. The warehouse management software reports on the following: OTIF; supplier conformance; bin accuracy; no stocks; order cycle time; space utilisation; picking accuracy; back order rate and many more.


Warehouse Management System
Inventory Management System
Control and manage your day-to-day operations in a warehouse that can extend to a wider supply chain.
CQuential WMS is a fully managed system designed to deal with complex business challenges.
Built for medium-to-large enterprises.

Key Business Benefits

Optimise space & lower operating expenses
Make quick & smarter informed decisions with inventory analytics
Effective labour management & planning
Optimise your supply chain
Automate internal tasks
Ongoing improvements that scales with your business based on demand
System flexibility allowing easy integration into many existing software.
A lite and simplified version of our CQuential Warehouse Management System that runs and controls your day-to-day warehouse and inventory operations.
Organise and optimise your inventory flow at an affordable cost.
Built for small and unique businesses.

Key Business Benefits

Quick & simple on boarding with easy inventory control configuration
Improve your inventory accuracy & create a more organised warehouse
Improve profitability, saving time & money
Improve data visibility & planning
Will grow with your business - easy migration to a full WMS system
No training required.
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CQuential Warehouse Management products are packed with many features and add-ons to streamline and enhance your warehousing processes.


Warehouse Management System

Inventory Management System

Cloud-based Software
Scanner Based Receiving
Operator Directed Putaway
Smart/System Directed Putaway
Fine Picking
Role Based Picking
Bond/Rebate Store
Basic Reporting/Dashboard
Advanced Reporting/Dashboard
Batch Tracking
Serial Tracking
ERP Integrations
Advanced Modules 
and Add-ons


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The team are warehouse specialists and we have so much to offer through our warehousing expertise.

We can assess your business and recommend warehouse solutions that are relevant and practical to take your business to the next level.


Our warehouse management software integrates into multiple ERP systems. Enabling automation across the warehouse and easy access to data at all times.
Discover how

Kerridge Commercial systems

Fully integrated with the Kerridge WI Server

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Credit Notes
  • Inter-Branch Transfers
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Stock Adjustments


Fully integrated with the SAP B1 BI Server

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Credit Notes
  • Inter-Branch Transfers
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Stock Adjustments

Pastel Evolution

Fully integrated with the Sage Evolution / Sage 200

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Credit Notes
  • Inter-Branch Transfers
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Bill of Materials and Production


Integrated into RTT via Webservice to automate the end-user delivery

  • The CQ despatch label can be scanned for Proof of Presence
  • The label can also be used to scan to end-user


Integration into DSV via Webservice to faciliate

  • Proof of Presence
  • Per Carton Integration
  • Stop Code Integration
  • Volumetrics and Weight

VALUE Logistics

Integration into VALUE via Webservice to faciliate

  • Proof of Presence
  • Volumetrics and Weight
  • Weighbill status feedback
As well as IQ Retail, VEND and Micros


Mobility drives further warehouse efficiencies. Through strategic partnerships with hardware vendors we offer top quality products at competitive prices. Our hardware products are built for the warehouse environment to reduce breakages and downtime.


Do I need to take on all the warehouse management software features?

No. Only activate features that are required and will improve the warehouse operational processes.

Am I limited to only certain brands of Hardware?

No. We support any enterprise mobility equipment.

Do I need to integrate the warehouse management system into an ERP?

No. The warehouse management software can function as a standalone system.

Is the warehouse management software configurable?

Yes. Only use selected features that are required based on your warehouse requirement.

Do I need internet connection to operate the warehouse management software?

Yes. The warehouse management software is cloud based and needs to be connected to the internet at all times.

Do I need separate label printing software
to print labels within the warehouse?

No. The operators can print labels directly from
the warehouse management software.

Is it possible to host the warehouse management software on site?

Yes. The warehouse management software can be hosted on site.

Is there a warehouse management system roadmap?

Yes. We continuously look at new ways of improving the warehouse management system in partnership with our customers and suppliers.
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